2018 NOAH Wishlist

List of possible ways for community members to help reduce homelessness.

  1. Sponsor a child and family experiencing homelessness
    1. help with finding an apartment 
    2. help with paying rent or utilities 
    3. help with buying groceries or household items 
    4. mentor a family on home repair and upkeep 
  2. Help to rehab an apartment or home to house a family experiencing homelessness. 
  3. Donate a house or apartment that needs a re-hab, or loan it to us for a few years, after which we’ll return it to you better than it was. 
  4. Provide a secure, dry, safe space to store donated household items—like someone’s garage or shed or part of a warehouse space. 
  5. Share a spare bedroom or “mother-in-law” apartment in your home with a child and family, youth or senior experiencing homelessness. 
  6. Volunteer with Carlisle Community Car Ride Service for people without transportation. Drive folks to job interviews or medical appointments. Email CCCRideService@comcast.net or text 717 254 7620 
  7. Help to find apprenticeships and/or living wage jobs for parents and working poor individuals.
  8. Attend a meeting! Want a better look at what we are all about? Sign up for our mailing list to stay connected for upcoming meetings & efforts.
  9. Financial support. If you’d like to make a monetary donation through our secure website, please click the red “Donate” button on the right side of this screen.

To let us know how you'd like to help, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form.