The Plan

Our NOAH Coalition of over 50 volunteers includes housing, social work, real estate, healthcare and construction professionals ready to assist us with donated time and expertise once we procure the funding and housing stock. We also plan to build a fund for meeting emergency situations and eviction prevention.

While the majority of the buildings currently available in Carlisle are single occupancy residential homes, many have a garage or other adjunct room that would make an excellent efficiency apartment. We plan to create adequate dwellings for single homeless persons in many of these single-family homes.

If we are able to assist 10 families and 10 individuals in the adjacent efficiency apartments, we predict that we could eliminate homelessness for at least 40 persons. Those who become NOAH tenants will be paired with case managers, social workers, and mentors able to help them choose goals and achieve them.

In addition to housing and health care, our systemic, community-wide approach to mitigating homelessness in Carlisle includes the interconnected systems of employment, education, childcare, behavioral and emotional health, transportation, home maintenance and family nutrition. This broader, systemic approach incorporates the many resources of our community, including pro bono professionals, volunteers, support groups for drug and alcohol recovery, support for rape victims, veteran assistance and a domestic violence shelter.

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