Populations Served

We begin with the practical, and move to the more vulnerable.

  1. Collaborate with Carlisle Cares to begin housing those who are the homeless working poor. NOAH will build a system for workforce housing for those who can afford paying 30% of their income for rent, but who will need rental assistance. They may need fewer emotional and social service supports, and they may be last on the HUD list for housing vouchers.
  2. Collaborate with the Veteran’s Homeless Assistance Program to house veterans and their families. Veterans are at risk for PTSD, depression and suicide, and they may need connections to more intensive mental health and social service supports from our partners.
  3. Link with the Domestic Violence Shelter to find homes for women with children fleeing abuse and violence, who are the largest population who are homeless. NOAH will link the families with OIC Family Literacy programs, Hope Station after school programs, and multiple opportunities for family health and wellness, healthy shopping and cooking, education and careers, and art, music, theatre and dance for adults and children.