Team Structure

We have volunteers who are organized into the teams that are needed to support families in transition from homelessness to having a home and living independently. Each team is tasked with connecting with our many community resources.

  1. Housing Resources Team
    1. Collaborating with property owners to find affordable apartments or houses for homeless individuals and families
    2. Finding donors who will contribute to a fund to pay or supplement the rent/mortgage for a family in crisis
    3. Building partnerships with property owners to help with maintenance and family self-sufficiency for care of home, trouble shooting and problem solving
  2. Maintenance and Construction Team
    1. Develop a group of plumbers, builders, painters, masons, carpenters, electricians who can help with apartment and home maintenance and mentoring of new home residents
    2. Link with housing authority maintenance team, Habitats for Humanity groups, and retired construction and home maintenance people
    3. Develop working relationships with property owners to ensure that apartments and houses are maintained and improved, and residents are helped with needed home repairs
  3. Household Needs Team
    1. Link with churches, service organizations and other groups to secure furniture, cooking equipment, cleaning supplies and other household needs for families moving into homes.
    2. Build an emergence fund that can cover first time home owner needs
    3. Link with New Digs for donated furniture and home supplies
  4. Social and Emotional Necessities Team
    1. Finding and developing volunteers for case management with individuals and families
    2. Linking and building partnerships with social service agencies and organizations
    3. Linking with mental health organizations and support groups
  5. Health Care Team
    1. Developing a network of doctors, dentists, nurses and psychologists/psychiatrists who can assist individuals and families with healthcare needs as they transition to homes
    2. Building partnerships with Sadler and other local health care providers
    3. Finding volunteer healthcare professionals to provide assistance to families and individuals in their homes
    4. Linking with mental health agencies and recovery groups
  6. Employment and Career Team
    1. Link individuals with employment skills and opportunities
    2. Build a network of support for job skill development, including volunteer mentors and business internships/apprenticeships, trade unions and skilled workers
    3. Develop partnerships with existing opportunities like Career Link, Employment Skills Center, Cyber Space and others
  7. Transportation and Car Maintenance Team
    1. Organize a car maintenance team using the skills and talents of homeless or previously homeless individuals
    2. Develop a car share system that can meet the needs of job seekers and newly employed people
    3. Coordinate with public transportation and area businesses to make good use of existing transportation and make suggestions for improvement
  8. Child Care and Early Childhood Education Team
    1. Link with local child care services to ensure care of children while parents work
    2. Develop child care arrangements with volunteers from churches, service organizations, retired teachers and grandparents
    3. Develop shared child care opportunities among newly housed families
    4. Create family literacy opportunities with Tri-County OIC
  9. Legal Team
    1. Link with legal aid, family law center and public defender’s office
    2. Connect with real estate lawyers and landlord mediation
    3. Link with Dickinson/PSU School of Law and the Black Law Student Association on criminal justice, housing justice, segregation and discrimination issues, employment discrimination
  10. Nutrition and Healthy Living Team
    1. Healthy food and healthy cooking mentors
    2. Connect with Project Share for nutritious food and youth & family cooking classes
    3. Connect with local grocery stores and farmers markets
  11. Art, Music and Dance Team
    1. Link with the Charles Bruce Foundation
    2. Link with Central PA Youth Ballet, The Green Room and CALC
    3. Connect with vocal music teachers, piano and guitar teachers, and other instrumental music opportunities for youth and adults
  12. Finance and Fund Raising Team